Bike trails "Bajkom k tajchom"

Bike trails Bajkom k tajchom (To Tajchs by Bikes) are set for mountain bikers.

There are signs on the terrain which are cycle-symbols which are widely used also by the Slovak Cycle-club (Unique system of marking in Slovakia – STN 018028).

Bike trails in the area are signed by painted symbol „C“while four other colors are also used – red, blue, green and yellow.

At important places and crossroads on the trails the biker movement is directed by orientation boards. Such places are called orientation points. Every orientation point is numbered and majority of them also named.

The orientation points which are usually set and suitable for entering the system are called starting points. The starting points neighbour with a car park and are equipped with an information board.

Except colour signed trails the system includes also so-called theme trails – when riding them a biker gets positioned by a list of orientation points the trail crosses. The list of orientation points which a theme trail crosses are introduced in the trail description.